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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NOT a State of the Union Post

Disappointed? Get over it, I have really nothing I want to discuss about the State of the Union address except that it was beautifully written (I just read the transcript). I wouldn't know anything about how it was delivered because I was too busy watching perhaps the greatest show on television. That's right I'm talking about FX's hit comedy, The League. After a test first-season of only six episodes, The League has really hit it's open-field stride in the second and third seasons. This semi-scripted blend of crazy antics and adult-rated humor spells for television greatness for the likes of men (and women) everywhere, but what makes such a simple idea so great?

The League - The Return of Rafi

 Scene from the premiere episode of Season 3: The Lockout

The League is built upon the premise of a group of friends participating together in a Fantasy Football league. Basic enough, but there is some unseen beauty behind such a simple male activity, an essence that is captured perfectly in this show. Every guy has that tight group of friends that just like to hang out and talk shit on each other the whole time, and that is exactly what this show captures with perfect technique. 

The on screen chemistry and humor produced by this group of actors is unlike anything I have ever seen from a television series before. Every line--every joke--every plot keeps me hooked and hanging on every word. It's a television experience unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It's rude, crude, and classless--which only makes it that more fresh and real; it's a real breathe of fresh air from your standard television sitcom.  

The Cast of FX's hit show The League
I absolutely love this show. I mean, I love this show so much that I was watching re-runs on Netflix as opposed to the State of the Union Address! Call me crazy, but that is the level of entertain this show can provide. An entertainment so great that I completely disregard all the problems and tribulations of our country's crumbling greatness (sounds bad when I put it that way). This might perhaps be my favorite television show right now, and that is a bold statement for someone of such high standards for acting and production as myself. 

If you haven't watched The League yet, than you are missing out on television genius. Season three wrapped up not too long ago, but you can be sure I am ready for the next season of this witty and hysterical mastermind of a show. You can catch it only on FX (or Netflix, or any other place you can "download" it off the internet). 

Slightly buzzin,
-John Jr. 

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