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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3--Preview

With the release of Modern Warfare 3 a little over an hour ago (central time), the long awaited debate will begin--what is the better game, Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? This seems like a considerably hard decision, hell, I can't even decided which commercial is better! 

Modern Warfare 3--There is a Soldier in All of Us

Battelfield 3--99 Problems

I was able to play the Battlefield 3 Beta test during the two weeks it was out, and I have to say I really enjoyed the way the gameplay flows. I have also been keeping a close eye on Modern Warfare 3 streams in the last hour and noticed the gameplay is at least what we have come to expect from the Call of Duty series (take it as good or bad--your call). With that being said, I feel as though we might be comparing apples and oranges

Battlefield takes on a larger scale, placing one amongst an full chaotic war-zone (pitting players up to 64 vs. 64 in a single game!) BF3 is also much more realistic and holds a much more accurate depiction of modern combat than the Call of Duty series (No, you can't quick-scope in it).

Modern Warfare, like the rest of the Call of Duty games, places a higher precedence on individual skill and competitive play, and will most likely be played on the Major League Gaming circuit next year. Basically what I am trying to say is MW3 plays more of arcade-shooter role, where game awareness, shooting ability, call-outs, and in-game strategy and map knowledge give a player a greater advantage than they do in BF3 (Advanced and highly-skilled players will thrive in this game).

We all knew these games would play very differently, and how differently they are enjoyed will be up to you. Whether you enjoy picking off a foe with a precision sniper shot 200 yards away in Battlefield 3, or running train on a group of noobs using the throwing knife and UMP 45 combo in Modern Warfare--one thing is certain--these latest installments of the prolific Call of Duty and Battlefield series will be sure-fire hits amongst FPS fans.

Stay tuned for further analysis of these games' strengths and flaws in the full review coming soon!

Signing out,
John Jr. 


  1. MW3 is the same junk as MW2. If you're on a PC, don't bother. Parties are still broke, there's no dedicated servers which means you'll spend more time in the lobby than in the game, and when you finally do get in, expect a lagfest because a player who isn't configured to handle it is the designated host.

    I went with BF3 and I'm not disappointed. The multiplayer is beyond fantastic. The author of this article claiming CoD takes more skill obviously hasn't played enough. Everything I hated about the past BFs they fixed, and now it blows CoD out of the water!

  2. Good points and thanks for commenting! I haven't played enough of either game to say which is better, and only meant that CoD has roots in competitive background if you are familiar with Major League Gaming. The design of the game includes smaller maps and more focus on small team play and actual firefights. CoD has professional players, and this is what I was trying to say about the skill gap in CoD, it is more of an arcade style shooter whereas Battlefield has much greater realism. In CoD you can be award for your ability to hit a perfect throwing knife, flash bang, or quick-scope. It's only more competitive when being played at the highest level, and maybe BF3 is the same way, I just haven't seen the best players gameplay! Be sure to follow our blog and comment some more if you interested on more of this topic!

  3. There is a problem with what you said. You can't base BF3 around skill because you can't just check out some "skilled" gamers. Your skill in the BF franchise is likely to be "Your skill * Your team's skill ^3".

    That means that if you were to record gameplay, you would need to find a perfect team balance - which lacks in gameplay videos, obviously.

    When I had the chance to play BF3 I got severely disappointed. It felt like a MW-clone. I don't get why so many fanboys insult Battlefield since they are insulting the same foundations MW is built on. Still, multiplayer gameplay is still battlefield, just with a Modern Warfaresque sprinkle that is easy to understand - it is based on FrostBite 2, a engine originally meant to run on consoles.

    As a huge fan of Battlefield 2, each year makes me believe I'll never have a similar experience.

  4. Good points, I haven't played Battlefield 2 enough to know how BF3 has changed with new "FrostBite 2" system to a more console-based shooter. I am also not a CoD fan boy endorsing the game, I am just repeating what I have seen from the game while traveling to MLG tournaments (I play Halo). Thanks for commenting and enlightening me because I have many friends who loved Battlefield 2 on PC, and I think I feel your plight on how you said "each year makes me believe I'll never have a similar experience." I absolutely loved Halo 2, and thought it was the perfect game in terms of skill and balance. Then Bungie released Halo 3, which wasn't quite as good but still a great game balance wise, but now Bungie released Halo Reach and I absolutely loathe it. I compete for Halo Reach on the MLG circuit, but I feel like the new features such as sprint and bloom have diminished my ability to dominate and even enjoy the game. With this being said, I think I at least know somewhat you are saying when you feel like you will not have the same awesome gaming experience you had with a previous version of a series because the creators choose to changed the game for reasons that might diminish hardcore gameplay, but increase their revenue.

  5. I think you meant to write "32 vs 32" not "64 vs. 64".


  6. ^^^^^^^^^ You're right for consoles but PC can support it.
    Check this out

  7. Yeah I was referring to PC, because as far as I know PC is where the most competitive and hardcore Battlefield players are, but with the new Frostbite 2 system it might change to console. Thanks for commenting all, keep it coming!

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