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Sunday, November 6, 2011

M-I-Z S-E-C?

It is official--the South Eastern Athletic Conference has announced the University of Missouri has been accepted to join starting in the academic year of 2012-2013. After a lengthy exchange between Mizzou and SEC presidents and chancellors over the period of a several weeks, the Tigers were voted unanimously to join the conference along with fellow Big 12 competitor Texas A&M. For official details about the move click here.

Now to the point, was this a good or bad move for the Tigers? On pen and paper, it looks like a solid new fit for most Missouri athletics besides wrestling (The SEC doesn't have wrestling, go figure). The majority of Mizzou fans are really excited about the move out of the Big 12 and into the SEC, but there is pivotal point that they fail to realize about the transition--THE SEC IS BEST FOOTBALL CONFERENCE IN THE NATION. 

Let's be honest, no one gives shit about softball or wrestling or any other college sport for that matter. It all boils down to football, that is all the fans really care about, and in terms of football this move was a terrible decision. "Being in the SEC will lure in better recruits," a Mizzou fan will tell you. Wrong, going 3-9 will not bring in better recruits, especially when Mizzou can't even secure the best recruits from it's own state. "We will at least be able to beat Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss," wrong again, people fail to realize the size and speed difference of the athletes in the SEC, even from the lower tier teams such as those listed above. They are big and fast and can actually play defense, unlike most teams in the Big 12. 

Mizzou was sitting pretty right where it was, playing in the incredibly over-hyped conference known as the Big 12. Point in example, Mizzou has lost it's past two bowl games to out of conference opponents although they were ranked in the top 25 (and one of them was a blow-out to Navy!). This is because the Big 12 is a conference will smaller athletes and less defense, which plays right into the hands of Mizzou's Spread and shoot-out style offense. Leaving the Big 12 was probably the worst thing that could happen to Mizzou's football program, especially in what they would consider a rebuilding year (they are 4-5 after a loss to Baylor last night). 

Some will read this and think I'm bashing Mizzou, no I am not all, I am bashing Mizzou's ignorance. Mizzou needs to know what they are--a mid-tier team in an over-hyped conference. In the Big 12, Mizzou is almost guaranteed a bowl game every year (I mean come on, they play Kansas and Iowa State every year), as well as a top 25 ranking. People are going to tell me they didn't just change for football though, and I will tell them right back "Yeah that is why they joined a conference with no wrestling when Mizzou has been a national contender in wrestling every year for the past 4 years." 

They clearly don't care about the other sports, this was a football move and a business move, and if you were a student at Mizzou you would realize the university is just doing what it can to get it's greedy hands on a little more of that green. 

-John O'Connor 


  1. So the SEC is faster and stronger? Their worst teams will beat us? Could you please post the 40 times, average height, average weight and bench maxes of MU and those teams listed above so we can compare them? I would love to see these statistics unless they were just made up in your head. And for the millionth time, the move was about stability, not competition.

  2. Stability = Money
    Just because you can bench more doesn't give you a greater advantage...Mizzou has a great strength program but maybe they could spend more time focusing on how to run an I-formation. Look how many guys go to the NFL put up great numbers on the bench and fail in the league.

  3. Wow! The SEC is unstoppable according to this article. With this proclaimed dominance I assume nobody in the conference has lost a non-conference or bowl game. Should the SEC even be allowed to play these other smaller, weaker, ridiculous, non-SEC schools?

  4. No, all conferences have a range of skill levels, the SEC has some bad teams but they also have more teams playing at a higher level then other teams in other conferences. Just like any sport the best team in one division may not be as good as the 2nd team in another.

  5. Alright i am sorry, but if this guy thinks that the football players on Mizzou's team are not on par with the players from Kentucky and Vanderbilt then he is a complete moron. He has obviously never watched a game outside of the SEC.

  6. "And for the millionth time, the move was about stability, not competition."

    ha & for the millionth time, youre the only one who fell for that excuse from mu administration...inbred.

    "Alright i am sorry, but if this guy thinks that the football players on Mizzou's team are not on par with the players from Kentucky and Vanderbilt then he is a complete moron. He has obviously never watched a game outside of the SEC. "

    annnnd uk & vandy are in the cellar...was your comment suppose to support mu, cause it didnt!! hillbilly.

  7. The person above is as clueless as they come. It WAS about stability. The Big 12 has now lost 4 of it's top 6 venues in 2 years. The Longhorn Network on top of the upcoming Sooner Network is going to continue to shake things up as well.

    And this blog claims the weak SEC teams are going to beat MU (based on nothing just like your ignorant post). The second quote of yours was just responding to that. Did you read that far down or does your head hurt when you read that much dipshit.

    Learn about the situation before commenting again please.

  8. So the guy calling everyone inbred and hillbillies believes it wasn't about stability? I would love to hear what such a clear intellect believes was MU's motive. Two guesses how this moron has access to a computer: He either lives in his Mom's basement and is allowed to use hers when she isn't on it, or he is a homeless person at the library. It has to be one of the two.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. First off, I go to the University of Missouri, and lived in the athletic dorm as well as have friends who are football players, so I probably have a better understanding of the size and speed of these athletes then most commenting here. I am not hating on Mizzou's athletes, they are fast and talented, I am simply stating that the combination of size and speed on the defense of the SEC teams are going to be more than expected. It is going to present a lot of problems for a Mizzou team who lacks a true passing QB and power running game. I understand it's a stability move and business move by the University of Missouri, I am just stating I don't like the odds of the Mizzou football team in the SEC in coming years, and I really don't like the destruction of traditional rivalries like Kansas. My thoughts about Mizzou losing to Kentucky and Vanderbilt are based on Mizzou's last two bowl games--two losses--one to Navy and one to Iowa. I am also concerned about our current performances against out-of-conference opponents such as Miami of Ohio, a mere 17-6 victory over a team who is 4-5 in the MAC. This is purely my opinion that Mizzou will struggle in football for the remainder of my schooling here, and I'm not happy about it.

  11. haha wow all you fools that honestly believe that this move was about stability are completely retarde.....first off do you know how easy it is to become stable in a conference again, its called you all agree on something and sign the dotted line and the big 12 had that in place a 6 year deal with tier 2 and 3 sharing revenue among all schools. Sounds like stability was trying to be established to me. Plus if your going to tell me that our style of play, which is designed for big 12 football, is going to walk in to an SEC conference centered around solid defense and tough running with good passing games then your dilusional. Mizzou may be able to beat teams like vandy, ole miss, and kentucky but you seem to forget that its a whole lot different playing in a more premiere conference especially for football where even the worst of teams in the SEC could beat the mid level to upper level teams in some conferences....So stop pretending that this move was stability this was a money based decision that was thought out poorly by the administration and just killed all that pinkel has worked for, and have crippled all that other sports at mizzou have been working for as well....we went from top tier team int the big 12 to a bottome dweller team in the SEC, i dare you to challenge me about this comment cause ill set you straight

  12. whoever this last person to comment was is the stupid one. he is trying to bash the other comments by calling them "retarded" and he cant even spell it right!!!

    yes everyone thinks that the move is bad and it mostly likely will be for atleast the first 4 or 5 years, after that MIZZOU will no longer be the same school or team that it is today and will be a continuous contender for an SEC east leader

    for everyone who is an SEC fan and who hates MIZZOU and wants to bash us. WHY? Why bash us if your so confident that you will mow right over us, instead let your words be revealed in your actions, we will play you and we will see then.

    i see this whole things with football just like the Tim Tebow situation, people have hated him since the start and want to see him fail, but he has the talent and ability to play and it will only take a few years to see that then he will be great, just like MIZZOU